Dear Self,

How are you? Let me orient you to the time and place since you disabled the date and time headings here in your blog. It's November 2010 and you just turned 21 years old last September. Just a few months ago you were a bum who did not know what to do with your life after finishing college and passing the exams. You partied, gotten drunk,gotten sober, got hooked up with blogging for a few months (thankfully it wasn't weed) and found a new squeeze, literally and figuratively. ;) That's a wink right there. So what is up now?

I think you are still drifting...Yes, drifting is the word because I couldn't find another and I'm sick of almost always using google. Anyone who reads this would also find it most convenient to be able to understand every word I use instead of stopping for a minute and opening Google search window. We write to express and not to impress,remember? There are only few people who can use difficult synonyms without the thesaurus and one of them is part of your past now and shouldn't be mentioned to avoid conflicts.You are not reminiscing. Okay, you are reminiscing but surely it is not a crime, right? If it were a crime then you are so guilty you should have been hanged a long,long time ago.Thank goodness it is not a crime. The past is there to reminisce about, learn lessons from and help you not commit the same mistakes in the future or else the tears and broken hearts would have been useless and unnecessary.

So let's get back to drifting.Drifting because you are not entirely sure where life is taking you. You have a job now so the blog title does not really describe you anymore but it stays on for 2 main reasons:

1. You are a libra and libras are generally known to be bum lazy. So even though you already have a job, you are still a lazy BUM at heart.

2. You are too lazy to design another banner for the blog.

Even in here you are drifting. Unsure of what is going on in your life and what to write about. Here's an idea, why don't you write about what is making you feel unsure and therefore, anxious?

1. You have practiced nursing and learned to love it but you feel that you are meant for something else. Your peers, patients and some colleagues say you are a natural  but why do you feel like the future has something else in store for you?

2. You just found out that your life isn't exactly as you thought it was. It's either some people have changed or you were just living in a childhood memory of them. You've been away for so many years and you find it hard to fit back in.

3. The Irish culture is great and it's growing on you but...yes there is always the but thing... but you are not sure if you are staying. You know that if you can, you would but things aren't as simple.

4. You have difficulty recalling the stuff you are anxious about when things are going fine and right now, things are good. So this letter will be left unfinished for the time being.

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