Dear Mikey,

I wrote this, just like my fellow Filipino bloggers, to tell you that you are absolutely cute during the interview. The way you smiled when Mareng Winnie pawned you with the questions regarding your fellow investors in that awesome company of yours. Oh wait, i stand corrected. You clearly stated that you “only own 40% of that” or whatever. That part confused me as you were so concentrated on looking cute in front of the camera, you gave confusing answers to her simple questions. I had difficulty catching up.


You remind me of Ate Glo’s public apology during the height of the Hello Garci controversy. Her make up there was a piece of art . I have to hand it to her, she really knows how to “look sincere” in front of the camera.Big thanks to her make up artist. Too bad her acting coach must have been a noob. She sucked at playing the “sincere president” part. I wonder if you are also training under the same acting coach as your mother’s or if you hired someone else because clearly, you have to fire him. He has not teach you anything! But this is just my opinion though. It doesn’t really matter since i am in no position to give you lavish gifts like those given to you during your wedding day.

Mikey, do not worry. Your family may be furious with you right now for sealing your own political coffin in front of the whole nation but i am telling you, i am so proud you did that. Do not let them deter you from fulfilling your destiny, that is, being sued for mortgage fraud, wire and mail fraud, money laundering, and kleptocracy. That’s the most decent thing that you can do for this country.

Sincerely yours,

The Bum

p.s. always keep that smile on in jail! ^_^

and oh, i am such a huge fan of what you did that i immediately looked for a copy at youtube so i could post it here and get to see you being skinned alive whenever i like. Technology is truly amazing ;P

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