Binge Eating

After one week of binging on pizza, i’ve finally come to my senses (actually,satisfied my craving) and decided to lessen my risks of dying before 50.

During my short trips to cebu i stay at a high school buddy’s flat for a variant of reasons. Firstly, for practical reasons. Let’s face it, the world is in crisis. It totally makes sense to save up, especially if you’re planning on spending every waking hour at malls, foodshops and bars. Every peso counts, right lola? *_*

Secondly, it’s the only place i can think of where we can intoxicate ourselves with alcohol and go out of the house as we pleased. Her cousin and grandmother aren’t as strict about clubbing and drinking as that of my other friends’. Wise choice, eh?
Thirdly, because this friend of mine and I share the same interest. Well, not the art part. She’s way better in it than I am. I’m talking about food. Yes! Yummy food that includes pizza, pizza, pizza and lots more of pizza. I stayed there for 2 weeks ( not continuous though) and i learned a thing or two about ordering and munching pizza in Cebu.

  • If you’re not from the place where you’re ordering from, have the flat owner list down the complete address down to the finest detail ( like beside the house is a burger machine, outside is a red doormat with a paw printed on it ) or else you’ll end up eating a cold pizza with a warm Coke
  • Never get enticed into buying the large brands always! Better small but satisfying than have something huge that tastes like overchewed gum.Err,i think this one applies not only to pizza (o.O).toinks.
  • Remember that so at the end of the meal you won’t end up saying “Dako ang pizza, Lami ang Coke” (The pizza was huge,the Coke tastes good).’s like paying 400 for a bottle of Coke.
  • Alberto and Alberto Biano are friends turned business partners turned enemies. But just like their first names, their pizza tastes the same.
  • Chicken garlic pizza satisfies you like a P500 peso meal but is actually worth around P100 only. ^_^
Here are the pictures of the pizzas before they went into our salivating mouths:

Four flavors for 3 people.
Chicken Garlic
So tasty. I felt like I could finish the whole box all by myself. Good thing i had friends with me. >.<
I call this the ham-let pizza. XP

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