The Come Back!

Hey hey!!! ^_^

i miss you blog!

It's been weeks since i last visited. What was i up to lately? hmmm i had a busy month obviously.

First i worked on overcoming my bitterness. Ha! i did great on this one! As you can see, i am less bitter now ^_^ I am even singing the "piggy wiggy" song right this moment. But don't get too carried away. This probably wouldn't last long. Second, i spent time with my books, especially the ones i took for granted after college. Reading them all over again makes me feel younger (not that i am as old as your grandmother. Well, maybe as wise as her but with neither the wrinkles nor the botox). Dear Dumb Diaries and Ethics are two of my favorites. Third, i made another site with a business partner/soulmate (wink )...hopefully an income generating one but it is still under construction though. It needs a lot of work,sleepless nights and more inspiration (a.k.a. eric northman? *_*) Fourth, i went on potty-training camp with my dog who seemed to have picked up the bad habit of pooping on our 2nd floor balcony. Fifth, i buried a true blood junkie after killing her last week. Ugh, you should have seen her Google chrome history. She was so hooked she finished watching every single episode and reading all nine books in probably 3 days or less.

Well, i think that was all about my long absence. ^_^ Glad to be back!

bum is back

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