"The Graduate"

The Graduate

I couldn't think of anything better to do but read a book. Just any book to pass the time. I stumbled upon a book written by Charles Webb. A very fitting book for me I say. It's entitled " The Graduate".

I wouldn't tell you what it is about since the title gave it away already. Between you and me, it's not really that fascinating but it's worth something. Since the main character named Benjamin Braddock and I have a lot in common, except the lying and adulterous part though, i can totally relate with him. He just graduated from a university somewhere in U.S. and was offered many opportunities of a continuing education by leading universities in the East, including Harvard, Yale and Columbia, yet he refused them and instead, decided to bum around his parent's home.

Ah,such a noble cause, don't you think? :-p

If i were still in school now i'd say Benjamin was a nutcase and call him other names but I am at the moment out of school and currently am a bum myself so I'd say Benjamin is just disillusioned. There, that's a better way to put things. The character was a lot like me. But I am hoping I won't become the next Benjamin Braddock..Goodgod nOoO!! He was surrounded by shallow values and empty relationships. The character was very promising young man who got suddenly so depressed with what he is about to face - a retread of his parents' life.

After reading the novel, i have realized some things and will continue to think about other things. I am hoping to find another book soon; something entitled "The Newly Employed" perhaps. Maybe I should try the shelf in the living room.

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