my lolo talks about gossip :D

Found this mothball-smelling letter in my drawer.I don't really remember what my problem was when my lolo (grandfather) wrote me this letter. He usually writes to me whenever he knows i feel bad about something. But judging on the content, i must have been troubled by gossips. This was was way back in high school. :p

January 6, 2005

Dear Rhia,

One has to be grown-up enough to realize that life is not fair. Many times in the future you'll think that some people are unfair to you. But you should never allow people to put you down nor cause you anguish and sorrow. if a person is mean to you, pity him. He must be feeling pretty bad about himself to act so mean.

Don't worry about being no one. The real contest begins when you have finished your studies and faced life's challenges. I'd learned that a man could find a niche for himself just about anywhere if he kept out of trouble and worked without pause or in need of praise.

Bear in mind that the two most powerful weapons are patience and perseverance. The world's greatest inventor, Thomas Edison, defines genius as ONE PERCENT inspiration and NINETY-Nine PERCENT perspiration.

When my grandfather was dying, he called me to his death-bed. He said:"Grandson, I will be leaving you soon. And when i go, i leave you no money, no name. But there's one legacy that i would like to give you, and it is: Never be afraid of they.What they might say or what they might do."

That simply means that it is not the situation that's causing you stress. It is your thoughts and you can change that right here and now. You can chooseto be peaceful and happy right here and now.Peace and happiness is a choice and it has nothing to do with what other people do or think.

Lastly, whatever the future may bring, don't forget that your lolo and lola are here to support you. We love you very much.

Your lolo and lola

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