Sweating the Guilt Off

After Halloween feast, i sort of went into guilt mode and thought maybe i should get back to shedding these baby fats.

We did not do any trick or treating but boy i really I pigged out last Halloween. We had grilled pork. Uhm,wait, was it okay to eat pork meat during all saint's and all soul's day?I know there's this day in the Christian calendar when we're not supposed to eat meat but i really forgot when it is. I'm really getting lousy at being Christian. Maybe i need to join a group or something.

We also prepared sweets. Well, we mostly prepared sweets.We made lots of desserts.Disproportionate to the number of people who are in the house.

Our excuse: Great grandpa and company visit us during halloween and they don't like salt in their food. My living grandma says ghosts are allergic to anything with salt so we made desserts. We did not know how many relative ghosts great grandpa brings along with him so we made Lots of desserts. ^_^ and ended up eating everything. When you are already a ghost, you only get to sniff food. You don't get to eat. So poor great grandpa and company only sniffed the yummy dessert and wine while we ate everything up. :p

And now here i am. About to head to the gym to sweat this guilt off. X-P

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