Wedding,Tahong & Allergies

I forgot the exact date I dreamed of this but today is June 26,2011 and I am pretty sure I dreamed of this last week.

I was getting ready for a wedding which I didn't realize was mine. Only when I was about to change into my wedding gown that I realize that it was my own wedding that I was preparing for.

The setting changed. I was wearing a gown but it seems to me that we are having the reception first before the ceremony. There were a variety of foods on the table then I decided to try for the first time the Baked Tahong. I felt itchy all over after that then when I decided to look in the mirror, there were rashes all over my face. :(

I got very anxious then I thought of consulting my groom about postponing the wedding because I was not looking my best and I wanted my wedding photo to look perfect.

Then the dream ended... weird.


Anonymous said...

such an epic!

Whia said...

hahahaha :p at least you read it. thanks ;)

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