Can a bum be any more productive than this?

After realizing that i'm the only one in the house who's not doing anything at all (since my mean little sister pointedly told me), i figured i shoud really start looking for something sensible to do.
Well i didn't know pigging out can't be considered "doing something". Standing up and goind down the staircase to get to the fridge still requires a lot of energy. As a matter of fact i even do brisk walking on my way to the kitchen, i heard it's the best way to lose weight.
And who is she to tell me i'm not doing anything at all? When in fact i'm being productive here over the net.
Here's a list of some of my productive activities in the internet:
  • Signing up on a new networking group everyday
  • buying those who are poor in Friends for Sale so they can earn some coins from the transaction and at the same time raise their value as a pet (hopefully it adds to the self-esteem?)
  • updating my status in facebook,meebo,and ym so people know what i am up to as of the moment
  • thinking about ways to increase this site's traffic
  • and helping out the dogs find their lost kids by supporting charities online!
How productive can a bum get?

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