DOTA vs. the Girlfriend

DOTA is every non-single girl's archenemy. I also play DOTA and got addicted to it back in 3rd year college but even i agree that the wretched thing is every girlfriend''s nemesis. Why? That's just the way things are people. The two elements (being the GIRLFRIEND and the DOTA) are just two sides of a coin, like oil and water.They can't be mixed harmoniously unless you sacrifice the other one; like in the oil-water case, a soap is needed to emulsify the oil thereby breaking up the chains connecting it's molecules enabling the mixing. Well too bad you can't just soap the girlfriend and play dota all you want boys.

My boyfriend (a DOTA fan too) gave me the link to this video and i don't know about him but i just coudn't agree more with what the girl says.

And by the way, check out mirana in the vid XD

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Anonymous said...

kung sasagutin ng bf ang call ni gf sa phone niya while his in the middle of the game (dota) it means love na love niya talaga si gf niya^^

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