Go To Paradise With Me ^_^

Yes and No.

Yes I want you to go to Paradise with me and No it's not like what you are thinking. (wink) But don't get disappointed though. There's more to come.

I'm inviting you to take a step closer to redemption. How? With just a few clicks you'll be helping raise funds for the charity Stand Up To Cancer. Neat, eh? This is your chance to do one good deed without breaking a sweat (unless you are my boyfriend whose body doesn't seem to stop sweating at all).

Here's how: On the bottom of the second column on this site,you'll find a Stand Up to Cancer Badge.All you have to do is follow what it says there and click your way to heaven! ^_^ weee!!! see you there!

Here's one nice song to inspire you ^_^. It's a joint effort by varied Hollywood artists to ensure their own salvation,what with all the scandalous stuff some of them have gotten themselves into, they seem to need it more than anyone of us do.

SUTCAnd if that's not enough to convince your lazy hand to move your cursor over the Stand up to Cancer Badge on the 2nd column, then check this out:

These are some of the people who are/were suffering from the disease with no cure.

Barbie Doll's Ruth Handler. She invented Barbie Doll in 1959. She died after a long fight with breast cancer. ; (

barbie's mother

Tita Cory who died of colon cancer. Here's a cute pose of her published in TIMES:

cory aquino

Melissa Etheridge's children

No they don't have cancers. *_* They're too cute to have that.hmf! But their mother had.They're Melissa Etheridge's children.One of Melissa's famous songs is "The Weakness In Me".She was diagnosed with breast cancer.Melissa’s fight inspired the creation of the Pink Bracelet Fund– a not-for profit organization started by her fans to raise money for breast cancer research.

Cancer is expected to become the leading cause of death by 2010 and there are still lots of people who are fighting against it right now. Let's join them STAND UP AGAINST CANCER by CLICKING! ^_^

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