A Tribute to my La Salle Classmates

Even though i only composed this to pass the subject, i'm pretty much sure i meant the words i used . ^_^ The music clip will have to follow days from now. I have already forgotten the guitar chords for this one.

Precious Memoir

by: rhia casinillo of 4B-st.br. miguEL

Refrain :

The whole thing began when our fates met

Our hands fit together we’re perfect

The whole thing began when you smiled my way

I never knew then that you’re here to stay

A circle of friends that’s what we are

Bonded together by what we’ve had

A series of victories and moments of joy

Spiced up life’s pains and tears

When I think of today and things that we’ve shared

The problems and secrets each of us bared

Memories too precious to be left behind

The whole relationship’s one of a kind

Repeat refrain

Time flies fast, you don’t even notice

It all happened like it was just yesterday

Now we’re leavin’ a time for a new beginning

I don’t know when I don’t know how

But I know that we’ll soon meet again 10 years from now


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