I'm always running short on ideas these days so i decided to surf the net for Halloween party stuff and as always, got lost along the way and came across these random facts:

  • The origin of Halloween can be traced back to Ireland!

Ahhh so that's why my sister (she studies there) is unusually excited about the Halloween Fireworks display. We don't do that here in the Philippines. Actually, Halloween here isn't that big deal at all. Probably because this country is generally Catholic, sadly no Wiccans around to hang out with.

Well, actually there are witches but im pretty much sure they aren't Wiccans.Pretty much the same way some people are not Catholics.

Witches here are devoid of magic books and mostly go to mass during Sundays. They don't need a piece of your hair or clothing to cause havoc if they don't like you. Witches here are hard core i tell you. They just use their mouths to utter nonsense and backbite you until you die (if gossip kills that is).

Bum: Freakin faux witches.

  • Halloween was the Irish Celts' sort of New Year.

I honestly thought it's just about visiting the cemetery and honoring the dead and really dead saints.I was born,raised Christian and apparently, ignorant when it came to Halloween blahs. So bless you Internet.

Bum: One more on it's way to becoming the next girl genius. Ugh.

  • Celtic is actually "kel tic" not "sel tik".

Celtic in all these is pronounced with a hard "c" as in "car", whereas in the famous Celtic basketball team, it is a soft "c" as in "Caesar".

Bum: ...

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