Why Vampires Are In

There's just something about vampires that makes me dig into them like how stoners feel about crystal rock. And i've noticed that what i get hooked on are not the actors themselves but the characters they play. Well, the good looks help but it's not mainly about it.

I even crush more on vampires than on human men and i don't think it's insane at all considering society's men these days. The good ones are either taken, not good after all,not man at all or plainly bores you to death. Whereas when it comes to these worlds with vampires in them, we are given a whole new alternative.Having to watch them and well, even just imagine a world with them, is so refreshing.

In addition to that,i think the danger that constantly lurks around the corner if vampire existence were true adds to the thrill and excitement of it all. There's nothing like danger and a close brush with death to make us feel more alive. But danger isn't the only attraction that pulls us into the vampire world. There's the feeling of security despite the danger. The vampire characters that girls are very willing to throw themselves into offer these two. The security stems from the fact that the writers made these vampires civilized. Morality is still integrated into some of them and it's what sets them apart from all the other animals with fangs.

Here are the vampire films that i know. Some of them i rate excellent but some are just too teenagey i stopped after watching the first few episodes.



Vampire Diaries

Moonlight (discontinued)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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