The Modern Conservative: Carrie Prejean

I am no Larry King fan, not because it's dull. It is interesting and seeing crazy celebrities chase their tails around is,well, entertaining. It's just that Larry King looks like my grandfather and it's disturbing to watch your grandfather gossip like that. By the way, just an off-handed question, is Larry King gay? (will google after).So this is the reason why i don't keep track of Larry King episodes. But hey i did not say i don't watch some of them. I do. I just choose interesting and relevant episodes and watch them online and yeah, try to ignore the fact that he looks like grandpa.

Here's one episode that grabbed my attention. Larry King did this Carrie Prejean interview last November 3,2009 (was it?) regarding the controversial issue of lawsuits and sex tape scandals.
  • To view the Carrie Prejean controversial almost-nude pics, just click the image thumbnails right below.

I apologize for getting you excited about seeing Carrie's sex tape. I couldn't find it on the net. (Yes i googled it.What did you expect?I got curious.) So back to the controversial interview. I know that Carrie isn't a saint and i don't judge her by her not-so-smart decisions in the past,her religion and her same-sex marriage views, but i expected her to be smarter than what i saw during the  interview, well, considering her title as Miss USA 2009 first runner up and former Miss California USA.And by smarter, i mean she could have handled the sitch better than threatening to walk-out on the show. Ironically enough,i think she's the one who is being inappropriate by being immature.


Anonymous said...

i applaud her views pero i think this is a bit off. pero i think she's old enough to decide on her own.

Whia said...

ooh what she says is admirable alright...and she's really pretty, i feel so dumb and ugly next to her...hahaha. aw, that's what probably others felt that's why they clawed her like that.nywayz, i think they are being unfair to her (esp perez hilton) by attacking her like that and making a big deal out of every single mistakes she makes...but then again,it probably comes with being fab and famous.

Kate said...

Your drawings are adorable!
I love how you have them all over your blog, that is so cute!
I Love them!

Whia said...

thanks again katie!! wanted to add some personal touch in my blog and since i don't know much about html and css, i decided to just draw and post them here. ^_^

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