Is Vengeance Sweeter than your Ex?

When we get hurt or traumatized we curl up into this ball of self-pity and ask ourselves:

What just happened?

What did i do? 

Do i really deserve what happened to me?

then we realize WE DON'T  (well, in my case...and apparently,Taylor's too) so we gather up our pride and throw it around us like an armor. We pick up our katanas,bolos,forks or just about anything we can lay our hands on and feeling the heat of battle rage inside, charge to fight for our damaged egos and wounded hearts...Do you see what's coming? because I do... I see heads rolling...

After watching Taylor vent out, only one thing came into my mind:

Vengeance is truly sweeter than Taylor's ex.


bRayL said...

Gather up your pride which serves as an armor? =)

Tinytec said...

lol, I love your comic figures of your blog banner.

Whia said...

@brayl: yup! you got it right! gather it around me like an armor...don't we all? under certain circumstances?
hehehe :D

@tinytec: thanks! :) checked out your site and your background anime-like pics are cool too!

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