That Youtube Clip that Changed my Life

I just got bored and found this video on the net and went "what the?!" but clicked the play button anyway. Then surprisingly, one of the most important realiazations in my life hit me:

                                 I've been eating my chicken wings the wrong way.

Well I used to:

  • poke the chicken part with my fork
  • Separate the skin (coz i don't eat chicken skin) 
  • Put the part inside my hungry mouth
  • Bite as much as i can
  • Spit the remaining part which looks almost exactly the same as before i put it in my mouth
  • Poke it again with my fork
  • then wish it was chicken thigh/leg and not wing

until i found this vid that taught me the right way. X-P

Yes.There is a RIGHT way according to this Youtube Chef. Here's how:

Seriously, i find it more convenient.


Anonymous said...

haha, really informative! great insight! ita-try ko 'to... how about the neck part? pahanap naman, hehe.

Rhia said...

thanks :p but im not taking credit for the informative vid clip.Let's thank mr.chef for making the effort.Unfortunately though wala siyang "how to eat the neck part" lol. if i liked eating chicken neck i would have volunteered on finding out for you but it grosses me out so...wings lang muna kainin natin :p

Meg Lim said...

you're making me hungry whia :'(

Rhia said...

am i? this post makes my mouth water pud.haha :D

meggie!!! let's eat out soon when i get back to cebu! i miss unhealthy city food. aw, by the way, thanks for following this site.mwah! ^_^

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