Where art thou Dexter?

This is my nth time blogging about Philippine politics and how much i don't like the idea of politicians dancing in my television set trying to tell me how great they are,how much i loathe their pictures posted everywhere in my town and how awful i think it is when they pass along the "mayor throne" to their spouses and children...but i must say that these are really nothing but minor transgressions as opposed to what just happened in Maguindanao. 

I think it has not been really proven yet that the massacre was politically motivated but when a whole political party gets annihilated,what will one think? Okay.Considering that i grew up in the Philippines,specifically in a Southern province where politicians really get it down and dirty and people can't seem to do anything about it, i should be used to politicians trashing their rivals every 4 years come sacred May. But this one "trashing" done in Maguindanao is just really inhumane and incredibly bold and stupid. Did they really think they can get away with it by burying those 57 bodies like nothing happened?What the eff were they thinking when they planned to butcher the opposite party?Because clearly what happened was butcher and is premeditated (they dug an effin hole where they plan to bury the bodies and the vehicles).Whoever is behind this should never see the light of day, ever. I mean it. No matter who their buddies are. No matter the fact that they are besties with the president. Somebody should stop these sick political dogs. At times like these, i wish Dexter Morgan were here. Yes, Dexter that sociopath killer in Showtime.His twisted principles may help clean this darker and twistier than ever politics in the country.

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