Study Shows: Happy Sharks

Hey blog, long time no see. How you doin'? I've been busy and don't ask why. It's just the way it is and it's going to be like this for quite a while...until i finally find my niche and establish a good routine.

And in order to establish a good routine, i need to balance everything in my life. No more school stuff, no more projects and exams, no more professors to impose discipline... I need to impose discipline upon myself and my gAAAd, it's even tougher than having someone else discipline you. My self-established rules are harder to follow  than those rules laid out by somebody else :( but i have to keep on trying because:

self-discipline = balance = Good routine = happier me 

like this gay shark here:

Study shows that there really is  a big difference between a well-balanced and happy shark and an unbalanced and grumpy shark.See here:

          well-balanced & happy shark      vs.    Unhappy & grumpy shark

Balanced life brings happiness and happy sharks tend to smile more while bitter sharks scream and nag. x-)

jolli-shark and bitter shark :p 

This makes me even more determined to be one of the happy sharks :D


Speirs said...

dem sharks be ghey hahaha..nice analogies for balance..i like ^____^

bea trisha said...

oh so cool!!!!

love this one!!!

sana well-balanced lahat ng sharks!

hitch writer said...

loved this post !!

Whia said...

@speirs: haha know what,gaysharks sound cool na name to me.if u are guilty speirs then i am gayshark haha...and btw, thanks! ^_^

Whia said...

@bea: haha uu nga ^_^ nawish ko rin yan

@hitch: glad you love it ^_^

Meg Lim said...

natawa kos gay shark! :))

NesQuarX said...

That's the gayest gay shark I ever saw :D

bRayL said...

Nyahaha.. Nice Nice.. ;D

Manju said...

Lmao !
haha wait, that's photoshopped right? square teeth on sharks? lollll

Jasleen k Gumber said...

I read your comment on Esther's blog; the one about the pearl necklace... Just loved your comment. In those few lines, you said it all. I am just speechless right now. I am touched!

Anonymous said...

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