It's Just a Poem

I think this is going to be one of those posts avoided by guy readers,and  probably will be skimmed by the gals in love but will be scanned by those who can relate. Yes this is just a poem written by yours truly during world war 2 when the Japanese government broke her heart.They unearthed this together with Yamashita's treasure.Apparently, it is not much use to anyone so they gave it to whoever is interested and so it fell on my hands. It does not make any sense i know so let's just accept it as it is.A sad poem written by a sad person during one of the lowest points in her life.

Supposed to be written here is the poem title but the 
author couldn't think of any at that sad moment

I grieve for us

I grieve for love

For all the memories lost

I grieve for years

of sorrows and tears

I grieve for days

we had filled with bliss

I grieve for me

for the path i chose

I grieve for you

for the love you lost

I grieve for us

for what had been

But most of all, I grieve for the love

We should have seen


Joemill Veloso Flordelis said...

Your poem radiates so much love, however sad. Guess you're at it. :)

Meg Lim said...

You should read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (move out 05 Jan 10 with CHanning Tatum!!!). heartbreaker. so like this poem..

NesQuarX said...

Interesting... don't generalize guys :D

Whia said...

thanks everyone ^_^

Anonymous said...

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