A year, A month, A week.

A lot can happen in a year, yes. But what surprises me is the newly registered fact that a lot can also happen in a month and even more in a week.

So what happened after a year? It's quite a lot to mention but I can summarize them into learnings. Let's see.

  • A relationship consummated but thankfully ended up in a beautiful friendship. Good foundation doesn't always mean forever.Sometimes, it just makes way for great friendships after the love story has ended.
  • Alcohol does not take away free will.It just lowers inhibition. Meaning what you do when you're intoxicated only shows what you secretly want to do deep, deep, down inside and sorry honey, just because I am drunk doesn't mean i want to kiss.

Within 3 months...
  • I realized that partying and alcohol are great for weekends but not every weekend.
  • I don't need booze to loosen up and have fun.
  • Smoking is not for me. Not at all. Not ever.
  • Sex is not a taboo but should not be taken lightly, ever.ever.ever. Talking about it vents out that pent up drive.
  • Sex is never overrated. There it goes again. Forgive the pent up drives :p
  • Trips always excite me, especially the ones involving new places.
  • I love snorkeling, marine life and other underwater activities. Note to self: ask to become a mermaid in the after-life.
  • It's easy to fall in love but it's hard to trust. Not that this is something new to me. It just recurred.
  • It's a lot harder to gain someone's trust. Especially if that someone's trust was broken in the past. So i should be thankful the men i've been with were faithful. Good men. Great God.

Within a week...
  • Life is good.
  • Friends make it better.
  • Love makes it absolutely beautiful.
  • My self-discipline is superb. (They say it's not bragging if it's true haha)
  • I am transparent...again,nothing new. Back in highschool, i got an A minus (A-)  for being too transparent about not liking my physics teacher.
  • Money slips right through your hand like the way water does. Funny coz I used to think only liquids do that and back then I can swear money is a hundred percent solid, now I am not so sure.
  • GPS helps.A lot.In fact, it can save the lives of geographically handicapped people like me. :p
  • I can be insensitive. period. Uhm, anyone? help!
  • Every relationship needs some quarrels. Constructive ones, that is. Hmm I'm not asking for a lot. Just a healthy dose please.
  • I love becoming part of families and being brought to private occasions. Probably due to the fact mine is not here? Maybe.
  • I love puppies more than babies. Not news to people who know me.
  • I found out i love skim boarding. Never mind the bruises and scratches. Gliding is amazing. Will buy a board one day and post it here. bwahahaha!
  • I need to get a new hobby! I 've noticed i get bored often.It's gotten to the point that i consider it pathetic. I need something to do, fast. Maybe pole dancing is the answer, yes? ;)
  • Love me. Just love me. It makes me so happy. ^_^


SwagBucks said...

That's a lot of learning within a few months / weeks ;)

Whia said...

Hey dave. :p

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