Political Indifference


   of  Philippine POLITICS!

May is getting nearer each day. I wonder if people even care. Well, for those who still do please give me and the thousand other youths reason to.

Really, i am getting sick just thinking about philippine politics. Turn on the television and their faces are everywhere; giving comments here and there. Blah.blahs. Too much words. Poor content. Puh-lease...we all know why you came out of your millions worth mansions and made a fool of yourselves in front of us. Who are you kidding? (Sings along with "infomercial" on t.v.)

We all know what's going on in here. They dance, sing and beg for votes, almost everbody even buys votes. We know it's wrong, we know they are "wrong" yet people still vote for them. Why? Simple. There's no choice. Choose the lesser evil as the cliche goes.

Ugh. So why should we even bother choosing who's the lesser evil? When they sit on the throne they still morph into the worst form anyway. It's not that i'm being nega about this whole election stuff. Well maybe I am but can you blame me? Can you blame the youths for being politically indifferent? For wanting to just stay away from it all?


Meg Lim said...

It just hit me this morning, Ri. For some people, especially those in their 30s, the results of the upcoming elections would affect them on a more personal level. This is their high time sa career and life in general. If the next President turns out to be just another goon, they'd be nearing their 40s na after 6 draining years..

Katie said...

Cute drawing!!

Whia said...

@ meggie: well good thing i'm still 20 nyahaha X)

@katie: thanks katie ^_^

Anonymous said...

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