Sleep Paralysis and Boyce Avenue

the setting: my bedroom
the dream: guy in my bedroom; couldn't move in my dream; couldn't see his face; super scared! For dragging details, read post below.
I never promised anyone what not to write here, right? I actually never thought I would be doing a 'dream entry but here goes... Just could not help it. It was the freakiest dream ever.

Okay, today is the 7th of June. On this day, I woke up at 6:45am to wake my boyfriend up for his duty. I usually call him at around this time to wake him up since we are not under the same roof. After that, I got up and ate some breakfast, went back to my room, logged in my fb account and had music on full blast. All the songs in my playlist are by the Boyce avenue, by the way...(gahhhh, I better encode fast before I forget the dream details.) After a few unproductive activities in fb, I decide to go back to sleep with the acoustic music on full blast.

It was probably a quarter to 10am when I slept then I had this dream. I thought I was already awake since the setting was still in my room, with the same music playing  then suddenly someone started singing   along with the song. It was a guy's voice. I could not see his face since I was lying sideways away from where I think he was. Then later I could not distinguish if he was the one singing the song or he was just singing along. His voice started blending with the song which I do not mind by the way since he too had a nice voice. ;)

 But just when I thought about his nice voice, I realized that he should not be here in my room!I wondered who this guy was so I decided to
turn around to see him. I was able to turn but he already moved to the head part of my bed. I knew this because I could still hear him sing. I raised both my hands towards the head post of the bed (I dunno why I did it) and tried to look up to see him when he grabbed my wrists and I just could not move. I still have not seen his face but I had a doubt that It was my Chris (the boyfriend,yes). I just had to be sure so I really wanted to turn and see his face but no matter what I do, I could not move my body. My hands were held by what I thought was the guy's hands and I just could not twist my body towards the other direction. Felt really scared this time. :(

Next dream scene (yeah It changed suddenly like that of a movie), I was at the foot part of the bed, still lying sideways, facing the head part of the bed. I saw him on the part where I was lying down before the scene changed. I saw his face and it was Chris! It was a relief I thought that since it was my boyfriend there is no need to be afraid.I just lay there, did not move and looked at him.

The scene changed once again. Back to my previous side lying position. Now, the guy who I thought was my boyfriend was at the foot part of the bed with a towel covering his head. He was on prone position and seemed to be concealing a copy of the song using the towel. He was still singing. This time I could not see his face again and It made me anxious. What if it was not Chris anymore?  : /  My arms were still raised and I realized I could not move them again. They were held in place by an invisible force. I could not move my body.

On that part of the dream, I started to tell myself not to be afraid since I knew it was only a dream and I will wake up soon but It was so difficult to convince myself to remain calm. I was anxious. Then I remembered that I turned the music on full blast before I went to sleep so it's probably the reason why I was half awake during this dream. I thought that if the computer gets to the last song of the playlist, I will finally wake up. But then it hit me again! huhu. I remembered I set the music player to "repeat all" the songs in my playlist after it plays last song so I got panicky again. I am doomed, I thought to myself.

A few moments of struggling, finally,thank God, I am fully awake! There was no one else in the room. My heart seemed like it wanted to get out of my chest. I got up of bed quickly, afraid to fall back to sleep again. I went to the computer and keyed in "half-awake dreams" and "sleep paralysis" in Google (the new form of anxiolytic). Turned out it was a normal occurrence for some people. It happens most commonly to young adults and it runs in the genes! No wonder I have it! My younger sister also had it way,way back.

Ugh! It was one of the most scariest dreams I've ever had. The scariest one was when I woke up a few times within a dream and thought that I killed someone but let's not go into that. That's for another dream entry soon. Before I end this post, I want to congratulate myself for remembering the details in the dream. I usually forget the dreams I have had. This time, it took a conscious effort not to.

P.S. This entry also serves as a reminder to myself not to play music anymore before going to sleep, esp. when I sleep alone!

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